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FRAGARIA ANANASSA from Frigo approximate growing technology.
Terms of planting from April till August

Kind of activity. Necessary conditions in the planting year
1. Selection of the planting lotу The land should be cleaned from hook-worms and cockchafer larva. Previous crops-— all, except any of various solanceous plants. Not to use lots under the garden.
2. Land cleaning from weeds УвеличитьChemical cleaning of weeds with the reactant «Глифосат».
3. 3. Bringing of dung and disking Bringing norm from 75-120 tons on 1 hectare.
4. Ploughing УвеличитьPlough up along sprouts planting. At specialists discretion — repeated chemical and (or) mechanical weeds treatment.
5. Cultivation with packing and cutting into furrows On the lot A the land ought to be packed, not breaking the structure of the soil, the lot A must be a little bit higher than the lot B.

6. Planting Увеличить Optimal time of Frigo planting: May-June. Planting rows should be not more than 100 metres long. It is necessary to make a provision for several technological gauges for 4 meters wide for the machinery turn and free drive while picking the berries. Planting is handmade and two-rowed, the width between the rows is 60 centimeters, with row-spacing- 80 centimeters. The space between plants in the row is 30-40 centimeters. Transplanting norm on the 1 hectare — 35000 — 50000 items.
Увеличить While planting the soil should be wet. After planting watering is necessary. The first month after planting the soil should be wet.
Planting Scheme

Увеличить Увеличить
7. Weeding. Увеличить Weeding is made at the agronomist discretion, it is handmade or chemical.The lot should be cleared from the weeds for 100%.. In order to receive plentiful harvest in the next year it is possible to cut the flowers on the plants in the year of planting.
8. Runners removal In order to receive qualitative and maximal harvest the runners should be removed.
9. Additional Fertilizing Additional fertilizing should be made with the fertilizer NPK (16-16-16) in granules. 100-200 kilograms on the 1 hectare 2-3 times. Bringing in conditions: NPK should be in granules and shouldn’t be brought on the wet leaf. It might be brought before the rain on the dry leaf or while the good rain. Bringing in beginning: one month later after planting. Nitrogen content norm in the soil is 50-75 kilogram on the 1 hectare. The use of the fertilizer with the high nitrogen content is not recommended (the illness risk rises). Besides the granular fertilizing it is possible weekly to bring in liquid macro and microelemental leaf-fertilizer: Ekolist, Wuxual, Basfoliar (are used before, while and after harvest gathering).
10. Planting Stock Care in winter When the temperature is -8oС, in the absence of the blanket of snow, the strawberries should be covered with the improvised means (straw). It is necessary to use measures against mice.
The three following years of strawberry berries growing
Kind of Activity Necessary conditions for the berries growing
11. Planting stock care before the harvest It is necessary to remove straw or to mix it with the soil (disks, milling cutter).
ЧFrequency and means (handmade or chemical) weeding are used depending on the infestation and at the agronomist discretion.
The lot should be cleared from the weeds for 100%.
As early as possible to move away the tendrils, the more and the qualitative should be the harvest.

From the moment of the plant growing begins the additional fertilizing of the strawberry is made with the NPK (16-16-16) in granules, controlling the nitrogen content in the soil (50-75 kilogram on the 1 hectare). Such fertilizer as Nitrabor also can be used, i.e.15,4%N+18,3%Ca+0,3%B,(Before blossoming beginning) and Multi– К, i.e. 12%N+42%K2O+2%MgO, (from the following moment till the appearance of the first berries). Illness precautions and pest control measures complex should be made (fungicides and insecticides are used). For the bringing in of the macro and microelements look point 9. Watering – is especially necessary in the period of berries ripening.

Увеличить Before the berries collection for the qualitative harvest receiving and for the prevention of the contact of the berries with the soil in a quality of mulching the straw and пленка are used. The mulch is laid out during the period of the plants blossoming, till the appearance of the first green berries.
12. Berries collection It is necessary to collect harvest till the full berries ripening, time of collecting- early in the morning or in the evening. During the time of the harvesting the berries shouldn’t be on the sun. The berries should be cooled (+2...-4ºC) at once after the collection.
13. Plants care after the harvesting The old leaves should be cut down. Do not damage the soil! Additional fertilizing with NPK (16-16-16) in granules100-150kilograms/1 hectare 1-2 times. Bringing in of the fungicides and insecticides.
14.   Look the point 10.

Given technology is worked out for the garden strawberry growing from the Frigo sprouts in the open soil. Growing of the berries under the cover needs technological approach. Consultations about growing of the berries under the plastic are given individually during the work with the customers.

During the 2008 planting year the harvest of the strawberries should be received in 2009-2011 years. After that the plants should be destroyed, the lot is recommended to sow with the winter crops.

Pledge of the strong and qualitative harvest is clean from the pathogens and pests planting stock.

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