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All new- is suspicious, shady and risky, but till the moment you will try and taste this novelty yourself and make sure in it’s aptitude and distinctive excellences. Let’s recollect, for instance, the example with the potatoes, which was planted forcedly, but now we don’t imagine our life without it. But with our product the case is contrary.

Elite stools of Fragaria ananassa come from Holland. Out of stools, according to Western technologies, planting stock is grown on our land. The planting stock is on the constant control of the belarussian and dutch specialists, as given sprouts –are future planting stock for the population of Belarus and CIS countries. With the beginning of the first frost planting stock is separated from stools and is kept according to Frigo technology.Frigo.

Given storing technology Frigo has already come something common for the Western Europe and obtained more and more popularity in our country. What is it Frigo?


The word Frigo comes from Latin and means cold. As it was mentioned above, Fragaria ananassa annual planting stock is dug out in autumn with the beginning of the first frost, when the plant is in the quiescent state. The leaves are cut down (just 3-4 sm of stems are left), this gives to the sprouts an unusual form and attracts attention to the strong rootage. The next stage –is careful sorting of plants depending on the sort and the horn size, afterwards they are packed in boxes. You will be surprised when you recognize that in one box from the apples about 1200 planting stock can be placed! Prepared boxes with sprouts are placed in the specially-equipped cold store with the constantly controllable temperature conditions, where they are kept till the moment of their selling and subsequent planting. Thus Frigo- is a technology of plant storage in a cooled (Mark down-just till the definite temperature) state. As a matter of fact, Fragaria ananassa sprouts in the form of Frigo, is the same green plant to which we have got accustomed to, but it is more improved, adopted to our needs that meet technological development evolution growing requirements.

Given technology Frigo has a lot of advantages:

  • •Storage of the sprouts kept in a cooled state allows to prevent premature energy lose that is necessary afterwards for it’s growth being planted out, as the result is perfect (practically 100%)sprouts acceleration after it´s planting and avoidance of winterkill risk, simultaneous growth of sprouts after planting allows opportunely and safely to use herbicides.
  • Frigotechnology gives an opportunity to keep plants in an excellent state for a long time and it is possible to start planting when you have planned it. Now you can forget an established opinion that Fragaria ananassa sprouts can be planted out just in spring and autumn time, as Frigo Technology allows to prolong the planting period from April till August. It gives you an opportunity to control and plan the terms of the crop receiving. So keeping in mind that the first berries appear just in 8-10 weeks after Frigo, was planted, it is easy to count down that it’s sprouts are planted in June, the harvest can be gathered in August-September and so on.
  • Frigo has good portability. Considerable quantity of it can be placed in a simple carrier bag without any problems. For the wholesale deliveries passanger car will be enough and you needn’t worry about damage of the rootage and about broken leaves.
  • • If you have a purpose to plant vast territories, industrial laying, in that case Frigo is irreplaceable. It makes planting of a huge lot quick and qualitative. In such cases special swords with points or planting equipment, in order to dig out a hole in the soil.
  • • Available planting stock is primordialy clean, what promotes it’s firmness to illnesses. Not only Belarussian inspectorate of plants quarantine but also our dutch partners, who are accupied with the Fragaria ananassa sprouts growing and storage according to Frigo technology for more then 40 years keep vigilant watch on the cleanness of the sort and plants health.
  • Frigo sprouts are good not only for planting in soil but also in the hothouses. It grows perfectly on the fields, on the places of summer residences, at home on the windowsill. Growing of the Fragaria ananassa under plastic gives a possibility to gather harvest 1-2 weeks earlier then usually and gives advantages in berries price policy. Only Frigocan be planted under the plastic!
  • According to it’s richness and quality the harvest surpasses all expectations. Most of the sorts suggested are raised by the means of the scrupulous selection in Holland and have passed test by freezing in our country, where they are grown successfully in the course of 8 years and are included in the public register. What differs the berries of the Holland sort?
  • perfect portability and ability for prolonged storage;
  • high crop capacity (on average 100 tons from the 1 hectare);
  • fine form and large sizes (weight of the one berry can reach 100 gram);
  • excellent taste and fragrance.

We don’t invent something new, we just want to introduce the thing which become a norm in Europe long ago.

Our company guarantees wide choice, cleanness of sort and high quality of production and also all necessary consultations about the process of planting and planting stock care. Now you have a chance to use all advantages of our sprouts to provide yourself with the good income and to please your customers with future excellent harvest.

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