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Declaration of love

First strawberry… It has fragrance of the sun, the ground, the first thunderstorm and something that the mankind didn’t invent the name. To say that I like strawberries means to say nothing. I adore it, worship it and I go crazy with it. I have reasons for this.

Увеличить The first reason is seasonal

Strawberry — is the first summer berry which appears on the bed, on the market trays and correspondingly on our table. Pears, apricots and peaches, which I also like, ripen later, that is why all love fully belongs to strawberry.

The second reason is aesthetical

Strawberry — is red, I like this colour from the time of my rusty-belted childhood. But my habits and constitution don’t allow me to wear cardinal clothes, that’s why my love to strawberries — is simultaneously a tribute to my outstanding possibilities.

The third reason is medical

According to the content of the vitamin C strawberry is not highly competitive with black-currant. Water extract possess anticeptic, diaphoretic and diuretic properties. I have very vague idea of the folic acid and about it’s profit, but the strawberry has this acid most, than raspberry or grapes.

The fourth reason is cosmetic

Aromatic juice of the fresh strawberry-is the best lotion! With the help of it, it is also possible to wrestle with freckles, to tell the truth it is not always successfully, but how pleasant!

The fifth reason is nostalgic

Once he had pleased me with strawberries and champagne. These afterglows come alive at the moment when I see strawberries decorated with the whipped milk.

The sixth reason is the main- gastronomical

The strawberry has it’s derivatives — confiture, pastila, jam, mousse, fruit butter, fruit jelly, juice, vine, compote. I won’t have the heart to say that it is tasty. As it is not simply tasty, but very tasty. It is a dream of the epicure, the top of the gastronomic delight, distillation of the pleasure…

If there will be an odd fellow, who won’t express readiness to sign under the every line of this declaration of love, personally I will have big doubts upon his mental health.

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