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Limited Liability Company «BelAgryPlants» was created in Belarus by dutch investors with the purpose of the introduction of the new production and technologies in Eastern Europe and CIS factory-farm complex.

Main direction of the firm activity is realization of the Fragaria ananassa sprouts of the dutch selection and of other popular european sorts. Strawberry Frigo dutch sprouts are cultivated on our native belarussian land in accordance with western technologies- is a novelty, astonishing both with the appearance and the quality of a crop.

This information, for sure, will awake interest of the shop directors, farm leaders, private entrepreneurs and farmers, as well as summer residents and amateur gardeners.

Actually all new arouses definite suspicion and doubts but till the moment you will try this novelty and to test it on yourself and make sure in it’s distinctive excellences. Let’s recollect, for instance the example with the potatoes which once was planted forcedly but now we don’t imagine our life without it.

With the strawberry Frigo sprouts the case is contrary- it has been already accepted in Western Europe and got great popularity in our country.

Frigo sprouts represent elite planting stock of the Fragaria ananassa with the open rootage in the cooled state and without leaves. Frigo plants are dug out in autumn and are kept till the next year in the cold store with the definite temperature conditions.

Cooling of the sprouts protects it from preliminary growth, therefore, from energy lose, necessary for growth afterwards. This is a guarantee of a good quality of the plants acceleration after planting, avoidance of the winterkill risk. Simultaneous sprouts growth after planting allows opportunely and safely to use herbicides.

Cleanness of the sort and high quality of the production, advise on questions of the Fragaria ananassa growing agrotechnics, individual approach are guaranteed to the «BelAgriPlants» clients.

 In the long term outlook firm plans to introduce to the markets of Belarus, Russia and other countries of CIS such exclusive products as asparagus and green salads.

High-quality fruit and vegetable crops planting stock for sure will awake interest of the agricultural products producers and commercial establishments.

 «BelAgriPlants» suggests the following Fragaria ananassa sorts:

   «Vima®Zanta»- is an early sort of the dutch selection.It has passed all necessary tests and registration in the Western Europe and the Republic of Belarus. The plant has chlorine leaves, cup-shaped form, abundantly blossoming with flowers, hidden under the leaves. Strong and big berries have exceptional fragrance and taste. Sort is practically not susceptible to the verticilliose and less subjected to powdery mildew. Berries are easily picked, are suitable as for fresh store usage, so for storage. It has good portability. For the valuable plant growth maximum, crop receiving it is necessary to remove tendrils during the whole period of growth, not allowing their root striking. Ripening time- middle of June. Crop capacity- 100 centner/hectare.

   «Vima®Rina»- is the dutch novelty among the popular remontant sorts. Unlike most of them, berries of this sort have rather good flavouring qualities but less thick consistence. The plant is open, yield are large, steady to transportation. Transplanting is made in April, the first berries appear at the beginning of July. Ripe yield- is of dark-red colour. Harvest peak falls in July, but till the first frost the plant continue to bear fruit. Crop capacity depends on the care accuracy and climate peculiarities, for the season it is possible to get 900 gram from one plant.

  • «Vima®Tarda»- belongs to the late sorts. The plant is of deep-green colour, in the period of blossoming is abundantly covered with flowers. Yield are large, cone-shaped, shining and firm, of red colour with the yellow tip. Berries are sweet and aromatic, perfectly suit for exclusive decorations (cakes, pies, desserts). Ripening time- the first part of July. The sort is not capricious in care, has high crop capacity-till 110 centner/hectare.

  • «Vima®Xima»-is a new and very promising late sort. Among it’s advantages- large berries of fine form, very high crop capacity. Berries are of dark-red colour have very good flavouring qualities, suitable for any kind of processing. Plant is of deep –green colour. Sort is less subjected to powdery mildew. Ripening time- middle-end of July. Crop capacity: from 400 till 900 grame from the one plant.

   • «Vicoda»- is the latest sort. Has passed all necessary tests and is registrated in Western Europe and Republic of Belarus. It is ideal for growing in the Eastern Europe. It grows perfectly in the cold climate, doesn’t like heat. Yield are large, comb-shaped, of dark-red colour, of very thick consistence, have excellent portability. Sort peculiarity: berries are ideal for freezing (get incomparable fragrance and taste).Yield are almost not subjected to white mould freezing. The plants have good insusceptibility to white and red spottiness of the leaves. Owing to the late blossoming flowers don’t have damage, coursed by spring frost. The sort is winter-hardy. Ripening time of berries is from the middle of July till the beginning of August. Crop capacity- till 900 grame from the one plant.

Strawberry sorts suggested by the firm «BelAgriPlants» are raised by the means of scrupulous selection in Holland and have passed test by freezing in our country, where they are grown successfully in a course of 8 years. The producer guarantees wide choice, cleanness of the sort and high quality of the production.

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